Humans are equipped with an Emotional Guidance System allowing Authentic Intuition to be felt. Everything is a choice.  Anything humans think, feel, say and do, that which is nameless (Universe Spirit Source Absolute Truth God Love) agrees and says yes that is true, and provides evidence in external forms and conditions that confirm your choice. Do you know and trust thyself?

Everyone can be living in alignment with unlimited Universe Spirit Source Higher Self God Love flow. If It feels purely good that indicates being in alignment. If it doesn’t, that indicates there is some resistance to It. the feeling that aligns with what you imagine your authentic self is here to be.  Imagine YEA :) Thoughts and feelings create and this is unlimited for your reality creation.  Everyone can think and feel outside of the box, beyond the clock, not of the flock.

I received a message in Spirit•Universe•Source•Higher Self•God•Love (any name of that which is fitting to you).  It was an unconditional Love essence of openness I felt while in the ocean during sunset.  To translate this message in words would be to say I am an aspect perspective of God as the Love of God and the purpose I have is to distribute the love of God for God to realize Itself through me being the aspect perspective of God Love that I am. This is the unconditional Love that Spirit•Universe•Source•Higher Self•God•Love is omni-giving everything as It simply Is.

Created From God•Love•Spirit
Distributing God•Love•Spirit
Being God•Love•Spirit

I Love That I Am

I am that I am as I am that It is as It is that I am as It is that It is