Your Every Action    .•.    Your Energy Activation   .•.    Your Experience Actualization

All is an expression of Absolute Truth, Spirit, Soul, Unconditional Love, God having this experience so that It can be aware of and realize Itself as the aspects of It that All is.

Sharing awareness of, as, with, imagination, and purely sharing what, how and why imagination is, eases the creation of our individual realities.  Realizing and allowing to receive realizations as this aspect of the source energy God Love has communicated to me that we can all purely enjoy reality, livingness in non-conflicting harmony with everything simultaneously. It is possible. It is a choice.

We have the choice to write our own living script, realize who, what, and why we are.  His story is “History” and I have realized the magnificence of choosing not to be conditioned by blind faith. History is only one pre”scribed” script of the story. It is only as true as we choose to believe.  Clearing the mind and letting go of pre”script”tions along with as many other cultural programming layers one chooses not to believe in allows the “Present” (gift) to be realized.  History then dissolves into the oneness as Source, Love, God.  How authentically are you realizing (real eyes ing) your life & reality?  Do you re”member” and what then would one be a member of?… Oneness?

In other words I am Created from and of the same (•) that the Creator ultimately is. I think we get the “ah ha” moments of clarity as we sense the authentic connection to oneness as the pure unconditional love as God of God for God (Choose the word that is representatively suitable for you or maybe there isn’t any word of that essence for you – that is a choice).

I am that I am, I am that It is, It is that I am, It is that It is. How then does one sense the authentic connection?  Ask and it is given, Allow and you shall receive.

“What is my pure purpose?”

In my early culture conditioned life I didn’t feel an ultimate purpose although many experiences, people, things, thoughts and feelings felt vaguely fulfilling enough to keep me going.  Yet at the same time wondering what’s the point of it all and why am I here doing what I’m doing?  I felt there must be something more. I asked to myself, “why?”, over and over again with no clear answers.

I was literally dying in this metaphorical “waiting room”.  In what I would call “nearing death experience” and “disease” I sensed a message in the form of intuitive essence I couldn’t ignore. The message was communicating that I wasn’t allowing the answers of my questions to be received or the God awareness to be consciously flowing through me.  Ok, so how do I receive the answers and clear out the blockages preventing the answers to be received? After having openly asked that to the universe, a few words began showing up more clearly in my life.  Simplicity, Patience, and Compassion which lead the “way” for allowing the “Oneness” I am feeling.

“I feel trust & appreciation being alive as living Oneness.”

I was guided by messages that kept showing up in various ways day to day that I couldn’t ignore. These messages were and are not coincidences, they are message essences from Unconditional Love, God, within Me.  Each message essence shed layer upon layer of my culturally conditioned protection which was nothing more than hardened fear in the form of pride and ego no longer serving me.

I was feeling the essence of  a metamorphosis like apoptosis which is a phenomenon found in the caterpillar becoming the butterfly. Imaginal cells regenerate the life form beyond it’s previous belief where the impossible becomes the “I’m-possible”.  The essence of Unconditional God Love was filling the place of the previous beliefs no longer serving me.  The more I allowed myself to Love, Know and Trust myself, the more I felt the pure Unconditional God Love in me and everything in my external reality.

I was shown nothing new but indications to remember key instrumentation for living here in the physical Earth Plane.  I am equipped with an emotional guidance system.  If emotions are feeling “good”, I am in alignment with the flow of the Unconditional God Love.  If emotions are feeling any intensity of not “good”, I am resisting the flow of God alignment.  The guidance is that simple.

External conditions and influence were complicating some thoughts and ideas by sending them down the “what if” or “but” path of fear (false evidence appearing real) unless I was sensing and trusting my internal guidance as pure authentic Unconditional God Love. This is as simple and easy as one chooses and allows It to be. Internal thoughts, feelings, emotions, and attitude are the truth of the matter, observable as my reality.  The internal conditions create the forms and conditions as the impressions for Unconditional God Love to flow into like casting the mold which creates the forms and conditions in the external reality.  Thoughts and feelings are the cause.  Forms and conditions are the effect.

To be reactive to the external forms and conditions is to be limited by the external world observations. If I observe good then it’s good.  If I observe anything but good then it’s anything but good. This is the limited “That’s just the way it is” belief.  Rather, I choose to be the creator of my reality and distribute that Unconditional God Love through me.  To create the forms and conditions internally rather than relying on what already is externally.

I am that which I am. I allow all others to be that which they are. When I am an allower I am not a judger. This allows the flow of the Unconditional God Love to become what I may call Livingness or my way.  I appreciate this emotional guidance system, body, mind & Soul to flow and distribute the Unconditional Love from God as God for God. It is the Audible Life Stream: Vibrations, waves, energy, motion, stillness, silence, light, sound, omni presence, all, one & beyond.